Shop Terms and Conditions 

Creative Terms. The semi-custom collection has been carefully designed in our aesthetic as a ready-made option for couples seeking a distinctive touch with their wedding stationery. All information may be personalized (i.e., names, wedding date, venue, etc.), but the design cannot be changed without incurring an additional design fee. 

Proofing. You (the client) are responsible for all proofing, including, but not limited to: spelling, correct formatting, correct information, etc. Designs may not be altered after client has given print approval. 

We (Wilori Lane) represent color selections as accurately as possible via digital proofing. As with any digital design service, colors are an approximation that may differ according to computer monitor calibration, screen resolution, paper run, envelope vendor, etc. Vendor is not responsible for variations in color accuracy beyond the digital proof. 

Timing. Please allow a minimum of four weeks to design and print your semi-custom suite; please allow extra margin for specialty print processes like letterpress or gold foil printing. On the occasion that your design cannot be completed within a six week turnaround, you will be notified immediately. Please keep in mind: design revisions and client feedback are a significant factor in turnaround time; delays in client feedback may potentially delay your order. 

Envelopes. The nature of hand addressed envelopes will vary from that of printed addresses. Each address will vary depending on the letters, length of names, street names, city, and state lengths and visually appear different from one another when compared. Addresses with 4-5 lines of text will look different from those with fewer. Please have this expectation set when ordering hand calligraphy. Each envelope is a single work of art, and must be appreciated as such. Please provide 15% additional “extra” envelopes to Vendor. 

Addressing. Addresses will be written as they appear on the address list provided by the Client. Vendor is not responsible for etiquette or spelling corrections (although recommendations can happily be provided upon request). If additional envelopes and calligraphy are needed to correct to correct Client errors in spelling or address format, Vendor reserves the right to charge a $25.00 set-up fee in addition to the cost of new envelopes and calligraphy services. Client agrees to deliver the address list in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. 

Post. The USPS reads envelopes electronically. Due to the nature of calligraphy, some addresses or calligraphy styles will be more or less difficult to read when put through the USPS, as is the nature with any hand written address. Any address that can not be read by machine will likely be hand inspected. If the address still can not be delivered, it will be returned to the address of the return. Vendor is not responsible for resending, reprinting or reimbursing for invitations or addresses that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, 1-3% of pieces are likely to be undeliverable. Client is responsible for checking the address list carefully to ensure all address are correct to minimize this effect. Client may wish to order an additional 3% of pieces to ensure additional pieces are available if needed for remailing. 

Publication. Should images featuring work created by Wilori Lane be considered for publication, Wilori Lane must be correctly credited and notified of the publication prior to its feature (including both online and print publications). Please credit Wilori Lane when sharing images of your invitation suite on social media. 

Wilori Lane retains the right to use images of all designs, including, but not limited to: online portfolio, social media promotions, and / or print promotions. This may include: Blog Posts, including but not limited to: behind-the-scenes notes and imagery, process description and imagery, rejected concepts, and final designs as the designer chooses to display the work; Social Media Posts, including but not limited to: Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook posts; and Print Samples. 

Refunds. Due the handmade nature of the designs and of our products, we are not able to offer refunds, returns or cancellations on items purchased from the shop. If there is an error with the wording/design approved by the client, the costs of reprinting are the responsibility of the client. 


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